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Learn ASP.NET from the top Microsoft Certified Experts in IT industry. We are the best providers of ASP.NET Training in Pan India with excellent training records.

Expectations and Goals

This Training Course provides you with the complete skills needed to create, implement and manage robust Web applications using the tools. Some of the topics covered are – understanding of the Basic C# programming Language/Web Application Architecture, Asp.Net, SQL, Ado.NET and AJAX.

Course Materials

Required Materials

  • Laptop

Optional Materials

  • Internet Connection

Course Syllabus

Web Introduction And Terminology

Introduction to Web & Terminologies like Web Browser, Mobile Browser, Search Engine, Hyperlink, Broadband, Wifi, wireless hotspot etc, Social Networks, Blogging & Forums, Requirements for a website, HTTP & its Methods

HTML and JavaScript

Javascript in Body of Document
Java Script Event Handling
Java Script Mouse Event This Style And Debugging
Java Script Client Side Validation
Java Script Timer Windows Library

C# Programming [Console & WINFORMS]

Understanding the .NET Framework Architecture, Language Syntax, OOPs Concept & Programming , Inheritance, Interface & Polymorphism, Collections & Generics, Assemblies & GAC, Exception Handling, IO Streams, Reflection & Attributes, Properties, Developing GUI Applications using WINFORMS, Database Programming using ADO.NET, Managing Data using DataSet, XML Processing, Windows Services, Delegates & Events, Creating User Controls, Implementing Multithreading, Packaging & Deployment

ASP Introduction and Sample Programs

ASP.NET Introduction
WebForm Server Controls
ASP.NET Page Life Cycle

CSS & Themes

ASP.NET Page Life Cycle
Page Event and Control Manages its States
Control and Page Event Handling
Writing and Using Custom Classes in Web Application


Casding Style Sheets
Working with Theme
Redirecting User to Another Page
Redirecting Options
Passing Data From Source To Target Page

Master Pages

Creating and Using Master Page
URL’s in Master Page
ClientID Mode UniqueID and ClientID Screen

Working with User Control

Developing and Using User Control

Validation Controls

Using Validation Controls Part1
Using Validation Controls Part2

ASP.NET State Management

Using Static Members
ViewState and HiddenField
Understanding Cookies
Programming Cookies
Authentication using Cookies
Cookie Dictionary
Understanding and Using Sessions
Session Properties
Application Object and Summary

WebConfiguration File and Global.asax

Configuration File Introduction
Custom Errors
Url – Rewriting
Global ASAX

Authentication & Authorization

Forms Authentication
Role based Authorization
Windows Authentication

Data Bound Controls

GridView and SQL DataSource
GridView Fields
Template Field
List View
Web Caching
Output Caching
Fragment Caching
Data Caching
SQL Cache Invalidation
Globalization and Localization


AJAX Introduction
Update Panel and Update Progress
Timer Control and Script Manager
Ajax Control Toolkit

Introduction to MVC

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

First MVC Application

First MVC Web Application, Introduction Views in MVC Application, Adding and Model in MVC Application

Exploring Controllers

Controller &ActionResult Types, Passing Data from Controller to View, Action Selectors HttpGet&HttpPost, Built in Action Filters, Understanding Custom Action Filter, UserAgentActionFilter Example, Asynchronous Controllers

Exploring Razor Views

Razor Introduction & Syntax, Working with Layout Pages, Partial Views, Types of Views

Digging into HTML Helper Methods

Introduction of HTML Helper Methods, Binding Html Helpers to ViewData, Binding HTML Helper to Model, Display & Editor Helper Methods, Custom Templates for Display & Editor Methods, Reusing Helper Methods

Understanding Model Binders

Behavior of DefaultModelBinder, BindAttribute, UpdateModel&TryUpdateModel methods, Creating custom Model Binder

URL Routing

URL Routing, Routing features in MVC5

Understanding & Publishing Web Application

Quiz & Awards


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