IoT Training

General Information


Learn the basics of IoT programming, and take the first step on your journey to becoming an IOT Programmer.

Expectations and Goals

This IoT training course is a complete course that will help you to clearly understand the IoT Implementation. In this IoT training you will be exposed to both the basic and advanced concepts of IoT.

Required Materials

  • Laptop

Optional Materials

  • Internet Connection

Course Syllabus

Introduction to IoT

IOT basics concepts
What is Internet of Things?
Why IOT is important?
Architecture of IOT
How is IoT changing the world & Impact of IOT
Applications and Industry verticals
IoT: Characteristics, Enabling Technologies, Technical Scope

Arduino Uno

About Arduino IDE Software
How to Create New Program.
How to Compile
How to upload a code
Programming on GPIO pins
Programming on LEDs,Relays,LCD,Gas Sensor,Bluetooth,
Working with ADC.
Conducting test on programs with Sensors DHT11 (Humidity & Temperature)
ESP8266 Wifi Module
How to program it with WiFi.
How to use ESP8266 with Internet
Interfacing of Arduino Uno with ESP8266

IoT Connectivity and Data Transfer

Connecting Arduino to Webservers – Thingspeek or or UbDots etc
Monitoring a Live Temperature and Humidity Data on Remote WebPage.
Raspberry Pi 3–Board for IoT
Hardware Description
Functional Schematics
Porting Raspbian Linux

Linux Concepts

Linux Commands
File System in Linux
Accessing the command line,terminal,desktop,shell and Vi Editor
Accessing and using manual pages
Working with cc Compiler
Piping and Redirection

Python Basics and Programming

Using python on Raspberry Pi
Wireless Communication Protocols
I2C Protocol Description
GPIO Interfacing
Configuring Wi-Fi Interfacing
I2C Based ADC Programming
ADS1115 Collecting, communicating and leveraging the data.
Smart City Application on IOT Platform
GPS Interface with Raspbery Pi.
Sending location through SMS services using GSM Communication
Thing speak IoT platform and Raspbery Pi.
IOT Based Application Project GPS location Track

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