PHP Training

General Information

Fee : 6800/-


Our PHP, MySQL master program lets you gain proficiency in PHP language and MySQL database management system. You will work on real world projects related to PHP functions, data types, script syntax, web interface, MySQL client and server concepts.

Expectations and Goals

This is a Training Course that includes in-depth understanding of PHP and MySQL in order to create websites and apps that match the exacting standards of today’s business enterprises. Learn how to seamlessly work between the web interface and the back-end and connect them for stellar results. You will learn advanced PHP concepts and MySQL databases.

Course Materials

Required Materials

  • Laptop

Optional Materials

  • Internet Connection

Course Syllabus

PHP Introduction

Introduction to PHP, installation of PHP, understanding the concepts, learning about the various data types, script syntax and variable declaration, working with operators, constants, loop types and decision-making statements, arrays, for each loop

Introduction to HTML/HTML5

Overview& Updates, HTML5 Elements, HTML5 Forms input types, elements and attributes

Introduction to CSS/CSS3

CSS3 Styling techniques, including border radius, box shadow, text shadow, box sizing, multiple backgrounds and gradients Fonts & Interactions use web fonts with @font-face, create smooth transitions and manipulated elements in CSS with the transition and transform properties, and write CSS according to the principles of progressive enhancement

Introduction to JavaScript/JQuery

What is JavaScript?, Java vs JavaScript, “window” & “document” object, datatypes, variables, expressions & operators, arrays, String object, Date object, Math object, Dialog Boxes in JavaScript

Introduction to jQuery, Basic selectors & combinations, Form & Misc selectors, traversal functions, HTML manipulation, adding & removing nodes, changing styles, jQuery effects, jQuery events

PHP Functions

The various functions in PHP including the in-built and user-defined ones, String Functions, Numeric Functions, Date Functions, Array Functions, learning about the Regular Expressions, File Inclusion, working with Quantifiers, Modifiers, learning to deploy various Regular Expressions in PHP like preg_filter, preg_match, preg_split, understanding Escape Sequences.

File/OS Functions

File handling and Disk management using in-built functions,

OOP Concepts

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, learning about the various functions, variables, classes and objects, deploying Function overriding, core OOP concepts – polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, and abstraction, working with access modifiers, scope resolution operator, constructors and destructors

Working with MySQL

Understanding MySQL, open source database capabilities, MySQL administration, data types, tables and queries, installation of MySQL.

File Uploading

Mailing in PHP

Advanced Data Manipulation

Working with advanced concepts of joining tables, grouping and aggregating functions and expressions.

Working with AJAX

What is AJAX?, AJAX load methods, get method and JSON, AJAX Helper methods

Introduction to WordPress

Overview of CMS, Setting up & installing WordPress, Creating a website using wordpress, appling themes, WordPress housekeeping & site maintenance, SEO for WordPress

PHP Frameworks [LARAVEL]

Introduction, Installation, understanding MVC, creating Controller, Model & View, Components, Helpers and Pagination, working on Authentication & Authorization.

Web Hosting

Website hosting basics, Domain Name Registration, Web hosting purchase, Configuring DNS, Website Upload

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